Barking Legs Theater

1307 Dodds Ave.
Chattanooga, TN ph. 423-624-5347


Logo of Barking Legs Theater

The Barking Legs Theater provides a venue for new and innovative performing arts in Chattanooga. We host music events, dance performances, poetry readings, lectures, films, art exhibits, and live theatre. The space has a wooden sprung floor measuring 32 X 24 feet and is 2 1⁄2 inches high. The ceiling height is 12 feet with a grid measuring 10 from the stage floor. Mirrors line the back wall and there is a velvet curtain that can be pulled to cover them if desired. There is a dimmer system with 16 channels and a PA system available if needed.

The building is handicapped accessible with three bathrooms. A lobby serves as a concession area. There are four rows totalling 80 seats with good visibility and a central spot for a video camera set up. ...
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